Starting all over again

Looks like I got bit by the the blog bug again. I longed to have my old domain back but found that my registrar didn’t want to let it expire and now uses it for ads. So I now have me a .com. I prefer .orgs but what can you do? I lost my old domain all because a male co-worker decided to take it as a challenge to find my blog (after I stupidly mentioned that I had one). He didn’t have the address (I wasn’t that stupid), but after much digging managed to find it which totally spooked me. Somehow there’s a big difference in telling other bloggers what’s going on in my life and having people I know in “real life” read my thoughts. So I abandoned the domain in terror and disgust. It really pissed me off since I loved the name, but better safe than sorry. I’m hoping that at this point there has been more than enough time past that it won’t be an issue again.

So monumental things have happened since I’ve last blogged. I moved into a house with my Dad who lives in the basement. I have the upstairs 2 ½ floors – living room, dining room, kitchen, ½ bath and laundry room on the first floor, family room on the ½ floor, then upstairs there are 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths (1 is the master ensuite). I am truly blessed, and I know it. If it weren’t for my Dad we would not have been able to afford it. I believe it’s mostly for my son, since I kept complaining that I wanted him to have a backyard to play in. Apartment living just isn’t how I wanted to raise my kids. So with the house we have tons of green space behind the house and a park a couple of doors down at the end of the court. I still have to pinch myself every once in a while to make sure I didn’t dream this all up. So the house was since Halloween…

The bigger news (IMO) is my son. He is 9 months old today and the love of my life. I know, all mothers say that, but I truly never believed that I could feel this way about anyone or anything. He’s such a good baby too. He really only cries when he’s tired which I really don’t let him get when we’re home because I can just get him down for his nap before he gets upset. We’ve had a few bumps in the road along the way: serious difficulties breastfeeding (but I persevered and am happy to say am still managing to nurse), lack of bowel movements, torticollis, and a high-pitched screech which is his new annoying trick. Hope it’s been a happy 9 months buddy. Night night.

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