Mum where’s my nap?

Thought I’d start with DasBecca’s Big Fake Meme” because I found it so amusing.

1. What song did you discover most recently?
Stephanie” by Grand:PM. I saw them on Breakfast Television and thought they were great. Give them a listen.
2. What three songs are making the most rounds in your iTunes?
I actually still use WMP (version 9 if you can believe that) instead of iTunes (don’t throw things I just don’t like change) “Franklin” by Paramore, “Pressure” by Paramore, and “Cold” by Crossfade.
3. What song makes you the most emotional?
Because of You” by Kelly Clarkson. It always strikes a nerve whenever I hear it.
4. What’s the last movie you watched?
“Shrek the Third” Just a few minutes ago actually. I liked it better than the first 2. Great watch.
5. What do you waste time looking at online when you’re alone? PORN? It’s porn, isn’t it?
Er, um. NO. Seriously no. I mostly look up baby stuff lately. Neat gadgets and such. I love this stuff for instance: Boon.
6. What did you dream about last night?
Gladly nothing. I’ve been having pretty bad nightmares lately. I’m so stressed out about returning to work after having baby D, so some of them are with that regard. Some of them are just your average being chased by a psychopathic killer variety.
7. What’s up with all these ads?
I’m just trying them out for the moment. If I can make a couple of bucks while blogging then why not? Besides the canned theme had that section pre-made, so I figured I would fill it.
8. What’s your fondest hope for the next year?
That I can get over this absolute dread of putting baby D in daycare and of me going back to work.
9. What are you wearing right now?
My blue flannel pj pants and La Senza nightshirt. It’s lazy, but what’s the point in getting dressed if I’m not leaving the house?
10. How lame is this meme?
I quite enjoyed it actually. Thanks Becca!

So I’ve managed to add a few things around here and hope to add more stuff as I get time. I was pretty busy this week (as my life goes anyway). Tuesday morning me and baby D went to his second WeeHands class. I’ve been signing on and off to him since he was a few weeks old (mostly just the sign for milk) but thought that a more structured class may be helpful. Last week there were only three of us with our little ones, but this week there were 7 mums and babies. The little girl next to us was already crawling and crawled right over to baby D and was trying to touch his face. It was so cute.

Wednesday I took the little man to the doctor’s for his 9 month checkup. I stupidly thought he had to get another set of shots so I ended up drugging the poor kid only to find out that there would be no shots until 12 months. DUH! Oh well, the good news is that he’s put on quite a bit of weight. His weight has always been low so his father especially has been worried. I just figured (like the doctor) that every kid is different and he’s totally healthy and happy so what’s the problem? So he went from 6.9 kilos in December to 8 kilos. What a little porkchop!

Then yesterday (Thursday) my church mums group started up again. I met with them from September through November to do a parenting video series “Honor in the Home” by Gary Smalley and this time we’re doing “Bringing Up Boys” by James Dobson. I really enjoy getting together with other women, but have to admit that I have to push myself to do it. I’m just not a social person I find.

My only issue with my weehands class and with the parenting group is that they are both in the morning. When baby D and I are home (which is most of the time), then he is totally on a schedule and everything is great. But when I throw outings into the mix it messes everything up. He can’t eat when he usually eats or nap when he usually naps. In fact both Tuesday and Thursday he didn’t have his afternoon nap at all and was oh so cranky because of it. I think it’s important for us both to get out, so I’ll just have to deal with it, but it is frustrating.

So I’m expecting my mum to come down either tonight after dinner or tomorrow morning. She’s bringing the sled she bought for him, which will be useful if we ever get any snow. The house is in pretty good order, but I always tend to go overboard cleaning when I know someone is coming over, so I’m off to clean…

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