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Tuesday was baby D’s last baby sign language class. It was kind of sad since he has been around the same babies for 2 months and won’t see them anymore, but maybe if I put him in the next session we’ll see some of them again. Hubby laughed at me when I showed him baby [...]

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Weekend Snapshot

[flickr]photo:2292209157[/flickr] Yesterday we made the trek up to Orillia to visit hubby’s mom for her birthday. Actually her birthday was last weekend, but my dad was curling so we were carless. (I really need to get a car!) The snow this winter’s been a bitch, but nothing compared to what I saw up north! Sort [...]

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First tooth

[flickr]photo:2278861812[/flickr] Baby D cut his first tooth! Finally. He just turned 10 month old and this is the first. I gave up checking for teeth a while ago, but Saturday afternoon he grabbed my finger and went to suck on it. The sharp little ridges of the tooth actually scared me since I wasn’t expecting [...]

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