Tuesday was baby D’s last baby sign language class. It was kind of sad since he has been around the same babies for 2 months and won’t see them anymore, but maybe if I put him in the next session we’ll see some of them again. Hubby laughed at me when I showed him baby D’s diploma from the class. He said ‘yeah you did really well in the class, but I don’t see him having learned much’. It’s true. I think I have a range of 50-60 words that I can sign and baby D’s maybe signed 1. Oh well, we’ll just keep plugging away and eventually I’m sure I’ll be thrilled that we persevered.

Yesterday after my parenting group, I stopped by work to talk about my intentions of extending my maternity leave. Hubby and I have decided that I will stay off until the beginning of July, work the 2 weeks before the summer while he takes holidays and stays home with baby D. Then I go back full time in August and we (unfortunately) find daycare for the little guy. This way I still have some money coming in and I don’t have to worry about care. It was a nice visit strangely enough. I ended up staying for like 2½ hours which is unusual since I usually don’t like being there very long. There may be a bit of a bonus for me – if I’m lucky. Lyn (Office Administrator – my immediate boss) wondered if I would be getting vacation pay and when, so my principal got on the phone and called around for me and ended up leaving a message for someone to get back to me. I got that call last night and it sounds like I’ve got 29 vacation days left and that I could use them, BUT (you knew there was a snag coming right?) that it would be up to the principal’s discretion because for me to use them he would need to pay my replacement out of the school budget instead of the board paying. Doug (principal) and I are fairly close, but I really don’t know if he’d be willing to do this for me. I think hubby and I are going to go in on Monday and talk it out and see if there’s any way of having that bit of extra money come in. It would be SO great if we could, but I’m trying not to rely on it. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I’ll leave you with my newest obsession. For those of you who don’t watch American Idol, this is 17-year-old David Archuleta’s version of Imagine by John Lennon. I wasn’t sure about it at first, but the more I hear it the more I love it. Enjoy.

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