Handy woman strikes again

It’s only been a couple of days with the new (okay used, but new to us) Playstation 2 and we’ve already had problems with it. It’s been freezing in Guitar Hero II and grinding like a mf in Guitar Hero III. In fact yesterday Guitar Hero III pretty much shut down all together and I couldn’t even get the thing to load. Then I started feeling like a total sucker, and I can’t stand that feeling. So when I need to know something, it’s off to my computer to Google It. I was pleasantly surprised to quickly find an answer to my problem. And not only an answer, but a video of how to fix the problem! Apparently the grinding stems from the rails inside not having enough lubrication. So for anyone out there who’s having issues with Playstation 2 (the old original system mind you) making a ton of noise then here’s how I fixed it.

Unplug all the cables and cords. Turn the system upside down and remove the rubber and plastic pads covering the screws, there should be eight. Remove all screws and turn the unit back right side up. Starting from the back wiggle the casing off the system passing over the dvd tray and taking care not to dislodge the ribbon cable that is taped to the lid just over the drive bay. There is enough slack so that you can set the lid down beside it without ripping the tape off or unconnecting the ribbon cable. Once you’ve got the lid off, you’ll see a black cover over the DVD drive. Using a mini screw driver remove the 4 screws holding it in place. Now that the lid is off you should be able to see the rails in question. To make access easier, I plugged the system back in long enough to eject the DVD tray and then powered it off again. In my particular case I found that the metal rods (rails) were dusty and found a rogue hair stuck to one too. Clean off the rails and then use a lubricant to coat the rails. I used my hubby’s electric razor lube. Once done reverse the process: power on and get the DVD tray back in, power off, replace the black lid over the DVD bay and screw into place, replace system lid, turn over and put screws back in, then replace plastic and rubber covers. That’s it.

It was a really simple job and made me feel very competent. Damn but my hubby’s lucky to have me around!

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