Baby’s got a new bed

So my son has been out of his crib for a few months now I suspect because he couldn’t deal with the noise of the plastic mattress. I attempted to have him sleep on the mattress on the floor at first thinking that it was the confinement that he had issue with, but when he scrambled off the mattress and onto the floor night after night I gave up. I really didn’t want to spend the money on a toddler bed, as they just grow out of them, and then you’re left with just another baby item to store in your garage. I know from his frequent visits to our bedroom that he really likes using pillows, so this past weekend we trekked out to Ikea to get the boy his very own toddler pillow. Note to self…Ikea is evil! Okay, so $12.99 for the “crib pillow”…how the hell did I end up spending over $500.00?! Okay, so here’s the breakdown: $189 for the extendible bed frame, $179 for the mattress, $15.99 for the sheets, $29.99 for the duvet cover and pillow case, $5.99 for the pillow, $19.99 for the duvet and $8.99 for a new laundry basket. If you’re following along with math, you’ll be saying ‘but that doesn’t add up to over $500′. Well there’s tax, plus the stupid bed didn’t fit into our car, so like $79 for home delivery.
So the bed is fabulous and I’m so proud that my little guy has his own bed. He must be pretty proud too because for the 3rd night in a row he’s gone straight to bed without any issues and without me having to stay in his room until he falls asleep! Wahoo!

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