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More social bookmarking. I came across this site called Acobay, that while it is a social bookmarking site, is a bit different. This site aims to connect people via their “Stuff“. For instance, I drive a G5, so I’d add that to my stuff page with a review of the car and then others who have the same car would add their reviews. There is an area to discuss their stuff as well. Though it’s just in it’s beta stage, I think this site has some definite potential. Worth checking out.
Another weekend has flown by almost without me noticing. How the hell does that happen? Today I spent most of the day trying to get my front door knob replaced. When we moved into this house we were only given a single key for the front door, which I suppose was no big deal for the single lady living here, but since there are two of us needing the one key that can’t be copied we needed to do something about it. Moving at the speed of a snail, we finally got around to getting a new door knob and I finally decided it was warm enough today (0° C) to tackle the job of putting the new knob on. The old one was a total bitch to get off. It didn’t behave anything like the new one I was replacing it with, so I had to fiddle with it forever. It always seems that whenever I attempt to do some project for myself I end up calling my Dad up to help me with something I can’t quite do. I hate not being independent enough to do it myself, but I guess I’d rather have it done right. I love the new knob but the only thing that bugs me is that the locking mechanism on the inside of the door is like the bathroom locks where you have to push and twist the handle. The old one had a button in the middle that you had to turn to lock. The old one was easy to see if I’d forgotten to lock the door, but I’ll just have to get used to the new one.
Tomorrow I start my dual jobs. I will be doing my old-new job (wtf?), okay, the VP secretary thing which is new as of November, in the morning. So when I get in at 7:30, I’ll be getting all the supply teachers arranged for any absent teachers. Then from like 9:00 till 11:30 I’ll be across the hall in Guidance where I will be totally winging it since I’ve only had like 2 hours of training and the girl who trained me has left the country for the week. Wish me luck, cause I don’t think I have a clue how to do much over there. Probably would be a good idea to go to bed about 2 hours ago in order to get a good night sleep. Yeah, night.

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