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Drinks & Waterparks

Man, I’ve been wanting to get back here to blog since I actually have something to talk about, but I’ve been so damn tired, exhausted really and unable to keep myself awake long enough to sit down and write anything.
Anyway, so Friday night was my friend Heather’s birthday bash at Boston Pizza. We were supposed to meet at 19:00, so when I rolled in at 19:10 I sort of figured that there would be people there already. Nope, I was the first one there sitting at a table for 15! I felt pretty stupid, but luckily Heather and her designated drivers, Jane & Christina arrived about 5 minutes later. She had already started around 17:00 so she was feeling pretty good by this time and grew more and more angry as time went on and no one else arrived. Ashley was the next to arrive around 19:45 to more and more cursing from the birthday girl about how her friends sucked. Heather was sucking back the drinks like no tomorrow and getting louder and funnier with each one. At one point I convinced her to let the bartender create a drink for her since she was starting to run out of menu options. The waitress returned with a lot of whipped cream covered with sprinkles in a martini glass. The drink, she said, was called a “Muff Dive” since the real part of the drink was the shot she had to drink without using her hands located somewhere under all the whipped cream. What a joke watching her psych herself out to do the deed… When she finally did she nearly choked and said the shot tasted gross, kind of like Buckley’s. It was 21:45 by the time Lana, Ashley, and Lauren showed up. I just don’t get people… If you’re supposed to be somewhere at a certain time, how do you show up almost 3 hours late?! Anyway, we all had a blast regardless. I ended up leaving around 23:30, hence missing her expected table dance, but she ended up leaving when the bar closed for the night. More people kept coming in, so at least she wasn’t there by herself.
In other news, I actually had plans this weekend! That doesn’t happen very often, so I definitely want to brag about it! I had been hearing great things about the Americana hotel down in Niagara Falls from a friend of mine. She was saying that for little guys like mine, there is no need to spend the big bucks to go to Great Wolf Lodge. She told me that she got a room for $159, which I felt was too much for us to spend at the moment, but I went cruising Expedia.ca and managed to get our reservation for $119 on the Saturday and $89 on Sunday. At that price, I figured I had to take advantage. We went up on Saturday afternoon and managed to get little D into the waterpark around dinner time which was great in terms of crowd. He was pretty unsure at first and wouldn’t let go of my hand to save his life, but despite being a frozen chattering mess within a half hour, he was having a fantastic time. He only enjoyed the waterpark more each day we went back. On the Sunday we visited the Butterfly Conservatory, which if you haven’t been is absolutely breathtaking! I think there are something like 2000 butterflys flying all around you, it’s just amazing. Little D really enjoyed himself and ran up and down the paths trying to catch them. The funniest thing was coming around a corner and bumping into a co-worker I had had about 3 years ago. What a small world! She was just on her way out and I kept thinking that if we’d been a bit slower and her and her husband had been a bit faster we’d never have met. That kind of stuff just weirds me out sometimes… All in all we had a fantastic weekend, and I truly can’t wait to do it all again soon.

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EdenFantasys Giveaway Winner
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As promised, here is the winner of the contest to win a $25.00 gift card for EdenFantasys…Thank you to all those who took part! Now on to the winner.
Drum roll please… The rest of the story… »

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EdenFantasys Giveaway!
Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Happy Hump Day! I thought it would be sort of fitting to start my EdenFantasys giveaway today. Close on the heels of Jenn’s contest for those sexy valentine toys, I will be holding a contest here too. I am lucky enough to be able to offer the winner a $25.00 gift certificate for the item(s) of their choice.
What is EdenFantasys? It’s a great online adult toy shop with so much more to offer. From vibrators, to lube, to videos, to candles, this place has got it all! If you’ve never been to EdenFantasys then I suggest you check it out, because to be eligible to win the gift card here’s how it’s going to work:

How to enter

You must visit EdenFantasys and come back and comment about what you might be tempted to buy if you won the $25 gift card

For additional entries

  • Tweet about this contest: “Check out the EdenFantasys Giveaway at lifepassedby.com! http://bit.ly/5ObRPF” then come back here and comment with the link to your tweet.
  • Blog about the contest on your own site. Be sure to include a link to EdenFantasys as well as a link back here. When you’re done, come back here and comment with the link to your post.
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This contest will run from today, Wednesday, January 20th through until Friday, January 29th at 11:59 EST. When the contest closes a winner will be selected at random and contacted. The winner will be announced here on Saturday morning.

Good luck to all!

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