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Why are you wearing that?

So I’m not usually into the cutsie pregnancy t-shirts but I’m sort of at that stage where people are probably starting to wonder what’s up with my waistline. Instead of having to tell 600+ people (staff & students) the news I decided to let them read about it for themselves. My close circle of friends [...]

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What a glorious day

It is an absolutely beautiful spring (I never thought it would come) day so this will be a relatively short post as I’ll be taking the little man out for a bit of sunshine as soon as he wakes up. As promised my new layout is FINALLY up. I have slaved over every last little [...]

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Spring is in the air

What an absolutely glorious day it was today. I’m so glad I decided to get myself out of the house or I would never have known just how beautiful it was out. I’m not exactly sure of the temperature, but I think it was like 5 or 6°C with the sun shining brightly. Hubby called [...]

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