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Back to work

After a sweet 2 week holiday (spent at the exotic…home) I am finally going back to work tomorrow. Feels like I just left, I’m not really sure where the time went. I will say that it was relaxing though. So I will rewind back to New Year’s Eve when my Dad took us out to [...]

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Mish Mash

More social bookmarking. I came across this site called Acobay, that while it is a social bookmarking site, is a bit different. This site aims to connect people via their “Stuff“. For instance, I drive a G5, so I’d add that to my stuff page with a review of the car and then others who [...]

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Useful site

I found this really cool site that is super handy. It’s I find myself constantly looking up products and reviewing which is the best one for me. I swear I don’t remember life before the Internet! How on earth did I make a decision to purchase anything? But seriously say for instance you were [...]

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