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Mum’s visit

My Mum was down for the last 2 days, so that’s why you haven’t seen me around. She always brings stuff for us whenever she comes, and this was no exception. She brought an adorable pair of white overalls with boats on them and a turquoise plastic deck chair (mini-sized) for baby D. She brought [...]

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A day of errands

So I did some tidying up and vacuuming already, I’m now just waiting for baby D to wake up from his nap. There is a lot I want to get done today… I’ll start off by picking up the GrowPure bottle I’ve been seeing advertised everywhere. I am sick to death of hearing about all [...]

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Till Debt Do Us Part

This morning started uber-early as we had to drive across the city to get some papers signed. We have been having some pretty serious debt problems that we were getting worked out through an agency which removed all the interest off the credit cards, but we found an even better deal. The new deal got [...]

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